Makeup Bootcamp

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Take your makeup artistry skills to the next level with our 5 day airbrush makeup boot camp. Taught by prominent industry professionals and prestigious instructors.  This in-depth course introduces you to the innovative approach of makeup application.  It’s designed hands-on and interactive to help you expand your knowledge on a professional level at an accelerated rate. 

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Topics include, but are not limited to:
  • Learning your airbrush system
  • Applying 3D in a Hi-Definition industry
  • Unlocking color theory
  • Creating flawless applications fast
  • Introduction to Body art
  • Working with a professional photography
  • …and so much more!

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This makeup boot camp features Synthe as our instructor: Synthe’s not your ordinary artist. She is the Vicenza, Italy born talent capable of creating virtually any look imaginable.  She has airbrushed the most celebrated entertainers and body painted the most imaginable works of art.  Her extensive experience in the cosmetic profession began while working with the public through leading retail cosmetic companies.  She is a self-accomplished, conceptual airbrush makeup artist, educator and body painter.  Though she left retail for corporate America, she continued her career as a free-lance makeup artist.  In June of 2003 before airbrushing makeup, Synthe began body painting.  It was when she received so many requests from beauty professionals who wanted to learn the innovative technique that she expanded to the instructional side of this art.  Visit for more information about workshops, seminars and more.

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*Post graduate classes are subject to change.  If classes changes you will be notified and and refunded with in 30 days.

[/tab] [tab title=”Prices” id=”tab-4″]$1795

There is an additional cost as students are required to have an airbrush system that includes a compressor with a minimum pressure of 40 PSI to participate in this class. [/tab]

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Please review our class requirements, information and etiquette here.

Cancellation Policy

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