Eye Appeal

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Want to bring a flare to your color eye applications? In this course we will explore the tools of the trade for brow applications and correct brow for face shapes.We will also go through a day and night make-up application for deep-set and close-set eye shapes etc. Lastly, we will go through the strip lash and cluster application.

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A.Understanding the Structure of the Brow

B.Brow Shapes

C.Correct Brows for Faces Shapes

D. Brow Fills

II.Eye Shapes

A. Close set

1.Proper Shadow Placement

2. Eye Color Selection

B.Hidden Lids

1.Proper Shadow Placement

2.Eye Color Selection

C.Protuding Eye

1. Proper Shadow Placement

2. Eye Color Selection

D.Wide Set

1.Proper Shadow Placement

2. Eye Shadow Placement

E. Droopy Eye

1.Proper Shadow Placement

2.Eye Color Selection

III.Daytime & Night Time Practical Application

A.Daytime Everyday Eyeshadows


2.Pops Of Color

B.Night time Shadows

1.Smokey Eye – Black Grey & Brown

2.Cat Eye

IV. Eye Lash Practical Application

A.Strip Lash


C.Half Lash

V.Tools of the Trade

A.Color Wheel

B.Variety of Color Shadows

C. Brow and Shadow Brushes

D.Brand and Indivdual Lashes

E.Lash Adhesive

F.Lash Curler

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*Post graduate classes are subject to change.  If classes changes you will be notified and and refunded with in 30 days.

[/tab] [tab title=”Prices” id=”tab-3″]Make-Up kit will be needed for this course. Brow kits and lashes will be provided $200[/tab]

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Please review our class requirements, information and etiquette here.

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