Advanced Waxing

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Looking for ways to increase your waxing revenue and clientele per hour? Well,look no further! This advanced waxing course is an effective tool in increasing your income by demonstrating techniques that will increase your speed in waxing for all body parts.We will start with the do’s and don’ts of speed waxing, then we will do seven minute bikini applications. We will also explore the facets of a six minute effective under arm wax application and much more.

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I.Types of Hair




II.Understanding the Hair Stages





III.Waxing basics

1. Difference Waxes

A. Soft

B. Hard

2. Choosing Wax

3. Understanding the Pros and Consof Hard and Soft Wax

4.Application Techniques

IV. Contraindications for Waxing

1.Recent Treatments and Product Use

2. Medical Conditions & Medications

3.Skin Conditions

4. Other Cautions and Contraindications

V. Speed Waxing PracticalApplication

1.underarms/ arms


3. Bikini

4.Inimate French

5. Back and Chest

VI.Waxing Protocols

1.Proper Pre and Post care procedures

2. Correct Body Positioning for Waxing

3.Proper Home Care

VII. Client Consultation Intake form

1. Waxing Release Form

VIII.Waxing Supplies

1. Consumable products

A. Disposables

B. Wax

C. Pre and Post Products

2. Wax Warmer

A. Single Warmer

B.Double Warmer

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*Post graduate classes are subject to change.  If classes changes you will be notified and and refunded with in 30 days.

[/tab] [tab title=”Prices” id=”tab-3″]Wax and models will be provided for this course. $205[/tab]

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Please review our class requirements, information and etiquette here.

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